What We Do

Thinking of our childhood, for many of us the days we spent in our school were the happiest and the best days of our life. The very thought of our academic years fills our minds with nostalgic memories of our second home, our school. From the morning assembly and varied subjects in academics to the extracurricular activities along with physical education, school life prepared us to face the challenges that the bigger school called world had in store for us. It helped us shape our character, mould our mental attitudes and inculcate the basic principles of life.

While the memories of our school life revolve around the many little things we did in school, many children today are yet to discover this joy as a part of their life.

Prism Foundation tries to bridge this gap and gets many out-of-school children from street shelters, orphanages and low socio economic background under the fold of education. At our organization, we work earnestly towards achieving our goal of educating children through our efforts and the contributions made by our donors or sponsors. We help children belonging to a lower economic stratum acquire admissions to private schools and sponsor their academic fees. Children registered with us are helped financially to pursue their formal education in private schools with routine follow-ups on their progress.

Additionally we also raise funds through campaigns like "Half Marathon" in collaboration with Airtel, where all the funds collected are directed towards fulfilling their educational needs through financial support or by providing relevant resources.

Our recent ongoing campaigns - "Rs1.per person per day for a year" and "Adopt a child" are initiatives to connect a donor or a sponsor with the contributions that they make and apprise them on the progress and achievements of the child whom they contribute for. We believe "Giving is the best therapy" where your change can change lives.