Underprivileged Children Education In India

Prism Foundation was initiated as a unit of corporate social responsibility of The Prism Group, a conglomerate that comprises of Prism Retail India Pvt. Ltd. and Prism Motion Pictures Pvt. Ltd. It is based in Delhi NCR and started operations in the year 2003 with the intent of educating and empowering children who are less privileged and below poverty line. For us, what we do at Prism foundation is not merely a job, but a passion that we pursue with our heart. We believe that every child should have the opportunity to attend school and be educated. Education is the best way to break the cycle of poverty for children. We figured that children below poverty line are less likely to enroll or complete school due to associated costs of schooling. And it is this barrier that we break and enable children to fulfill their dreams of pursuing their school.

The foundation registers children coming from street shelters, orphanages and families below poverty line, on a first come first serve basis, who are eager to learn and pursue their education. It takes care of all the expenditure towards their school fees and designs programs in a way that empowering one empowers the other.

We’re growing slowly but steadily. We started with a humble mission of targeting 17 kids to fulfill their scholastic needs with the availability of funds in our corpus and have set a target of sending 100 kids to school by the end of this year. Through the donations made by our sponsors we bridge the gap of educating children which enhances their knowledge, skills and intelligence and enables them to lead a successful life.

The act of giving back to the society is timeless. We have made a start and urge you to rise by lifting others! Support us in giving the children a gift of education.